Liberate Yoga Nidra: Creative Explorations in Total Yoga Nidra

Saturday 9 December 2017

09:30 – 16:30 

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and Ben Wolff

at Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre, 15 Spa Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 3SA

Have you ever wondered how an intrinsically heart-based and creative expression of Nidra Shakti became fixed in scripted practices from which people are sometimes frightened to deviate?

Have you ever felt tempted to offer songs, poetry, inspirational readings, or mantra in the context of yoga nidra?

Have you ever enjoyed listening to music, or the sound of waves or streams in deep relaxation?

Would you appreciate the opportunity to explore multi-vocal and creative responses to yoga nidra in the company of skilled and experience tutors with a reputation for originality and heartfelt authenticity in their practices?

Then this is the day for you!

If you share yoga nidra with groups or individuals;
If you would you welcome a chance to update your knowledge, review your skills and nourish your capacity to share this wonderful practice with creative empowerment, verve and inspiration;
If you would you appreciate the chance to spend a day in the company of other teachers and therapists from a range of different background and traditions who all value and share yoga nidra creatively?

This experiential day-long workshop is open to everyone who is currently practicing, sharing and teaching yoga nidra. All yoga nidra teachers/yoga therapists/health care practitioners who are currently practicing and working with yoga nidra are invited to attend this day of continuing professional development. It is emphatically non-dogmatic and non-denominational, respecting and welcoming teachers of all forms and from all schools of yoga nidra. The day counts as continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers who have completed prior trainings with Uma, Nirlipta and the Yoga Nidra Network, and can also count towards CPD points for other yoga teachers and teachers/therapists who have prior trainings in yoga nidra or clinical hypnotherapy. Mental health care practitioners and health care practitioners with a practice of yoga nidra, and experience of sharing yoga nidra with their clients are also welcome to attend the day, provided they have a living interest in and regular practice of yoga nidra.

The intention of this day is to inspire creative explorations in total yoga nidra. We will provide practical experience of responsive, open and creative and inspirationalyoga nidra that supports health, wellness and creativity. A range of different yoga nidra practices will be shared, and relevant case studies discussed. Current exciting developments worldwide across a number of different lineages in the US and Europe will be presented, and by end of the day, participants will have an up to date understanding of the key recent explorations liberating our understanding of the scope of the practice of yoga nidra.
There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions of specific issues relation to total yoga nidra and health. This means that if you have specific personal or professional interests relating to yoga nidra that you are invited to bring your questions and experiences to share with the group. The programme is open to responsive, intuitive attunements and adjustments to meet the specific needs of those attending.


Proposed schedule

0915**** Please arrive by 0915 to be ready for a prompt start at 0930
1000 Creavity welcome yoga nidra practice – Uma
1030 Meditation, introductions and motivations (reasons for attending the day)
1045 Overview of creative, spontaneous and inspirational developments in yoga nidra worldwide
1130 Multi-vocal Total yoga nidra practice, with music, poetry, mantra: Uma and Nirlipta nd mantra
1200 Recent creative unfoldings in the major lineages of yoga nidra in the US and Europe.
Comfort break
1230 Total Yoga Nidra practice, with Ben Wolff
1315-1415 LUNCH and optional walk in Bermondsey Spa Gardens park
1415 Questions and offerings - issues arising from the morning practice and talks, also opportunities for sharing from personal and professional experiences of creative and spontaneous response to yoga nidra .
1445 Case studies and reflections on co-creations in yoga nidra – in practice and in theory
1500 Total Yoga Nidra practice, Uma: OM sounds using a Himalayan institute rotation
1520 OM chanting and other sound vibrations to support the experience of yoga nidra.
1600 Widening the net – drawing in relevant research from fields relating to yoga nidra to deepen our understanding of the practice.
1620 Total Yoga Nidra practice, Ben: yoga nidra for supporting restful sleep
1645 Further questions and evaluations
1630 Closing


Pre- and Post-course listening

Suggested pre-course listening and reading
Total Yoga Nidra tracks freely downloadable from - check out those by the tutors Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Ben Wolff and Nirlipta Tuli

Learning resources provided for participants after the course
Audio recordings of practices shared on the day will be made available through site, you will need to create an account on this site (either as a student or as a teacher) and then our dedicated student support worker, Priyal will be in touch with you to ensure that you have received access to download the nidras recorded during the workshop, and also to send you access to an online feedback survey. Please be sure to look out for emails from


Cost and Booking

The cost for the day is £85

To book go to:

All props, mats and blankets provided


Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre
15 Spa Road
SE16 3SA
United Kingdom