Midsummer Yoga Nidra Network Newsletter

Island Cuckoo 
calls before four,
to watch colours pouring back,
As tides of light
brightness in this Atlantic fragment
of the Burren.

Voice of Crow 
upon the ruined gable
of this tiny temple
sings still
after eleven. 

Between these two 
birds' calls 
bright long hours of midsummer day.

Celebrate the radiant vital sprawl of 
our northern June,

(Aran June Fragment)


February Yoga Nidra Network Newsletter

om tryambakaṁ yajāmahe 
sugandhiṁ puṣhṭivardhanam
urvārukamiva bandhanān 
mṛtyormukṣhīya māmṛtāt​

Clear consciousness within my heart 
Please permit me depart
To welcome death with grace and ease
As ripened fruit falls from the trees

English translation of the Mṛtyuñjaya Mantra by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 


Dear Nidra Enthusiasts 

We invite you to come and share in some of the delightful offerings coming up over the next few months. Please see below.

With great respect and love I send warm wishes for your well being

Rivers of Honey Flowing - Summer sharings of Total Yoga Nidra Shakti

We dreamt that She swam in the rivers of honey
that flow through the lands of these bodies of love.
We felt how She danced in the streams and the pools,
of the honey that sweetens these places of love;

and all of the dance that She did in the streams,
and all of the rivers that run to our hearts, 
flow deep from the Source to a great sea of sweetness, 
to an ocean of honey that rocks in our hearts.

Come now and float on the heart ocean’s sweetness.
Come now and swim in the waves from the source.

Bring all of your dance, through the streams of love’s bodies, 
and rest with the taste of sweet honey in the heart. 

HARI OM Yoga Nidristas

Yoga Nidra on the Road!

Dear Yoga Nidra-ists

(Sending this again due to a technohiccup)

Form rural County Clare to inner city Manchester, and on to Portugal…  Total Yoga Nidra is travelling! We are proud to be bringing a fabulous yoga nidra yurt to the Manchester Om Yoga Show and to be offering workshops and daily classes at the show, and a chance to rest up and listen to yoga nidra in the beautiful yurt provided by our very own Santosa Yurt Master, Tobias Fairlove

Yoga Nidra Teachers' Days in Stroud & Other Upcoming Events

Hari Om Dear Yoga Nidra Community, A VERY WARM WELCOME TO OUR FIRST NEWSLETTER! Thank you for joining our web community and thank you so much for sharing the gifts of yoga nidra through your practice, your teachings and commitment. We feel that Yoga Nidra is such a powerful healing practice that we are delighted to be sharing it as widely as we can, with more trainings coming soon in Iceland and Sweden as well as England, and a special research co-ordinating project getting underway to raise consciousness of the practice amongst mental health professionals. Exciting times!

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