Body Awareness

Peaceful place

A 20-minute to allow your body to deeply rest and pause while you will explore and cultivate your peaceful place. The intention is to foster resilience and release tensions and stress. 

Yoga Nidra - Waving Water

29' minutes Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra was born from the need of touching my creativity. 

So, this "step-by-step" practice aims to let you meet your body, its space and presence to lastly guide you deeper to feel the harmony and the completeness of yourself.

Hope you'll enjoy it!



29 minuti Yoga Nidra "L'acqua che balla"

Questa pratica è nata dal bisogno di riconnettermi con la mia creatività.

Svara Yoga Nidra - Letting go into Yoga Nidra

This 34-min live session features a short equal-length breath exercise leading to relaxation toward yoga nidra. Based on multiple yoga nidra approaches and validated by firsthand experience, svara yoga nidra employs breathwork, sensory withdrawal techniques, visualization, and sound vibrations to gently usher fellow life-travelers out of the knottiness of daily busyness and into the simplicity of the present moment, while promoting emotional healing and personal growth.


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