Sleep and Total Yoga Nidra

23 November 2017

Thursday 10:00 – 18:00

with Nirlipta Tuli

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB 

Trouble sleeping?
Would you like instead to turn in, tune out, hit the zzzzz zone, and drop off?

Then let go of some of the obstacles to sleeping well, to sleeping better than you may do now and indeed for those with insomnia those obstacles to feeling that you can sleep at all, with the one day course in sleeping well with Total Yoga Nidra, devised by a long term insomniac, self cured through this very process, Nirlipta Tuli, co-founder of the online yoganidranetwork and of Total Yoga Nidra. Experience deep, profound, restorative rest for body, mind, emotions and one’s whole being in an intimate family studio in the Cotswolds.

Consider how good it would feel to be able to turn off the worries of the mind which sometimes get in the way of sleeping. Consider how good it is to let the mind slow, and for the emotions to be soothed and to quieten. Consider getting into bed pleasantly, anticipating sleeping well, rather than dreading the end of the day. 

"Deep rest, deep relaxation, a deeper sense of letting go of those things which prevent sleeping well, and letting the mind slowly slow and even stop conscious concerns and anxieties a little. And then feel what it would be like to let go, little by little, into a shallow pleasant reverie, and from there to drift down into a deeper slumber, and to wake much later feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead. This is what happened to me when I started doing this for myself." – Nirlipta Tuli

Our one day course will be held in our lovely warm, cave like Yoga studio in Stroud. It will be deeply restful and there will be much in the way of listening comfortably to yoga nidra lying propped up (or down) on yoga mats with sheepskins, blankets, cushions, bolsters eye pillows and so on. The nidras are recorded and made available to participants and their partners to listen to as they go to sleep.
It will be a mixture of a practical and theoretical exploration of what sleep is, what prevents it and what makes it more likely to work well. The emphasis is firmly on practical ways of dealing with this widespread issue with yoga nidra. There will be an experiential understanding of how to sleep well with Total Yoga Nidra by doing yoga nidra. The day promises deep, deep relaxation at mental, physical and emotional levels.

The course aims to show how yoga nidra can alleviate and modify unhelpful sleeping patterns into those more conducive to sleeping in a more enjoyable and productive way. This will be done by practicing yoga nidra for much of the day and the theory, while useful is but an adjunct to this.

This is a brief overview of topics which will be covered during the day:

  • What is yoga nidra and how it can help improve the quality of sleep
  • Patterns of sleep and wakefulness
  • The mechanics of sleep
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Using being awake (as a means to sleep even better)
  • Using being asleep (to begin exploring the world of dreams)

"To help you decide about coming on this course or not this is a little paragraph about being frank. I’d like it if people who can’t sleep well come on my course. It will almost definitely help some of them a great deal, some of them a little and some, just a bit. I’m not promising a cure for insomnia, although on our Yoganidranetwork website my free sleep nidra has been listened to by more people than all the other nidras we share combined. When I meet people on my nidra teaching trips it’s such a given that people regularly come up to me and tell me that they’ve taken me to bed with them, and that my voice has sent them to sleep, that I don’t even bat an eyelid and my wife doesn’t raise her eyebrows at me anymore." – Nirlipta Tuli

No prior experience of yoga nidra is needed. If you can lie down and listen you can do yoga nidra.*

There is an obvious limit to what can be learnt in a one day course in anything, both in the number of lessons taught, their content and the volume of knowledge imparted as well as what can be absorbed and assimilated in a useful and practical way, so I aim to teach the course in a friendly manner, going at the pace of the students, without overloading them but willing to go where they’re curious to on this sleep nidra journey.

There is a choice. For some, it may be that coming to this one day course will either cure poor sleep, help significantly or help a bit with sleeping better. And even if nothing else then they will have a super relaxing day and a nice home cooked lunch too, as well as recordings of the nidras to listen to at home to help them sleep later. 


Cost and Booking

The cost of this one-day course is £87 (including lunch and all refreshments)
To book contact Sivani Mata on


Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood
Gunhouse Lane
United Kingdom


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