Autism and Total Yoga Nidra

24 November 2017

Friday 10:00 – 18:00

with Nirlipta Tuli and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB 

Lucy Arnsby-Wilson works as a clinical psychologist in an adult autism service as well as offering yoga for children with autism. Nirlipta Tuli, who had a late diagnosis of being firmly/squarely on the autistic spectrum, both have understandings from professional and personal perspectives, of autism and the consequences of having it; as well as of the visceral benefits of Total Yoga Nidra for people, young and old, at various points on the spectrum, and of the families, partners, care givers and other professionals who may interact with them on a regular and close basis.

Total Yoga Nidra can benefit all of these people in varying ways. Some of these benefits include reassurance and calming from the  familiarity of the practice after having experienced it, reductions in the levels of stress and anxiety for all who have or interact  with those who are Autists, as well as a sense of order and peace of mind (or at least a quietening of mind for some).

The day is designed for those who care for, or deal with Autists in a work-related way, for those who are Autists, and for their families. There will be both theory, discussion, and above all the practical experience of receiving multiple sessions of the deep healing and rest of Total Yoga Nidra.

There will be much in the way of Nidra, restorative propping, tasty organic vegan snacks, a delicious lunch, blazing wood burning fire, a walk in the adjacent fields, meadows and woods for those who wish it, and also time for questioning, absorption and reflection.


Cost and Booking

The cost of this one-day course is £87 (including lunch and all refreshments)
To book contact Sivani Mata on


photo of Nirlipta by Leticia Valverdes


Sitaram Studio
Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane
United Kingdom