Pain and Total Yoga Nidra

10 December 2017

Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

with Nirlipta Tuli and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB 

How would it feel to let go of pain for a while?

This is a day to feel deeply relaxed, at levels which can be quiet profound and soothing, to be nourished, nurtured and to have the space mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically to let go of the tension, tightness, fatigue and holding onto itself that chronic pain can so often engender.

This day long workshop focuses not so much on pain itself but rather on ways of being with it that can be more sustainable and helpful. It is aimed at those for whom chronic pain is part of their lives. Because chronic pain can have so many causes and affect people differently the idiosyncracies of how pain is perceived and reacted to by individuals on the course is a focal part of the day. The core of the day is experiencing and utilising profoundly healing and restful Yoga Nidra to accommodate and deal with chronic pain in a  way which is suitable for the individual. Yoga Nidra can be most helpful in alleviating pain in that it allows both body and mind to rest, to relax and to let go for a time of the underlying pain. Ways of being with pain, without having to be with the discomfort it causes are also explored.

There will be much in the way of deep relaxation, rest and of letting go.

Experienced clinical psychologist Lucy Arnsby-Wilson who has been working in pain clinics in Glouster and Cheltenham for a while, and Total Yoga Nidra co-Founder, Nirlipta Tuli offer this day to give people the oppoutunity to relax and have some ease from their pain as well as having new strategies made available to them. 

There will be much in the way of Nidra, restorative propping, tasty organic vegan snacks, a delicious lunch, blazing wood burning fire, a walk in the adjacent fields, meadows and woods for those who wish it, and also time for questioning, absorption and reflection.


Cost and Booking

The cost of this one-day course is £87 (including lunch and all refreshments)
To book contact Sivani Mata on


photo of Nirlipta by Leticia Valverdes


Sitaram Studio
Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane
United Kingdom