Nidra Restore: Yoga for Sleep

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Online via Zoom • All levels + Beginner-friendly
Join me for a chill evening wind-down as we prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. Together we will flow through a tranquil combination of gentle mindful movement, restorative postures, soothing breath/ energy work, mantra and sound, and guided relaxation, all within the framework of yoga nidra. You're welcomed to bundle up in your comfiest PJs and practice on your bed or a mat beside, with the convenient option to continue resting afterward. Props we'll be using include 2-3 cushy things (e.g. bolsters and/ or pillows), 1-2 foldable blankets, and an eye covering (e.g. eye pillow, mask, or scarf). Enjoy a free 30-minute practice video version of this class!