Sunday yoga Nidra

6:00am - 6:30am
yoga nidra with Beatrice

Sunday Yoga Nidra online, 6:00 to 6:30 PM UK time ALL levels

The session lasts 30 minutes and it is aimed to give YOU a PAUSE, a time for YOURSELF, to UNWIND or simply REST. You might fall asleep and that would be fine too but since it's not too late, chances that you stay alert are higher. I personally find that when I do a deep guided relaxation or meditation around 6 pm, I would then have a MUCH calmer evening and rest better (my nights are quite messy at the moment with my 6-month-old). It also gives me space of mind and a real sense of coming back to myself.  

So calling for a quieter Sunday evening once or twice a month, treat yourself with the following sessions:

Fortnight Sunday: 

Sunday 10 & 24th of October

Sunday 7th and 21st of November

Sunday 5th and 19th of December

Rate: £7 per session, £20 for 4 sessions (can book more than one person with this package)

Contact me at to book or get more details

NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. All welcomed. can be practised in your bed, on your sofa, on your yoga mat, on a chair. Be comfortable and warm.