Wednesday Yoga Nidra

8:30pm - 9:00pm
Online yoga nidra with Beatrice

Wednesday  Rest and Reset for 30 minutes Yoga Nidra online, 8:30 to 9:00 PM UK time ALL levels 

The session lasts 30 minutes (or the whole night if you fall deeply asleep) and aims to give YOU a PAUSE, a time for YOURSELF to UNWIND or simply REST. It allows you to go into a deeper state of relaxation so the body can rejuvenate and release tensions. It can calm the mind and bring a sense of inner peace and contentment. 

Diata London " I have slept through the night and my migraine has gone, I am so grateful now and happy you introduced me to this practice"

Emma from London: "I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's amazing yoga nidra session, and also for the previous week's one! I seem to be so deeply relaxed at the end of the session that words only well up very slowly.

Tom London " slept like a baby! amazing!!! 

It is practised laying down in a very comfortable position but can also be done sitting. There is nothing to do, no one to please; Let yourself be guided into a very relaxed state. 

So calling for a quieter mid-week evening once or twice a month, treat yourself with the following sessions:

Wednesday 17th of November

Wednesday 1st and 15th of December

Wednesday 5th & 19th January 2022

Rate: £7 per session, £20 for 4 sessions (can book more than one person with this package)

Contact me at to book or get more details

NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. All welcomed. Can be practised in your bed, on your sofa, on your yoga mat, on a chair. Be comfortable and warm.