Yoga Nidra for all Seasons

6:30pm - 7:10pm
yoga nidra for all seasons

6.30pm Thursday 21st January

A monthly online Yoga Nidra session to connect with the (Northern Hemisphere) season and give you precious time to rest.

Each month I offer a bespoke Nidra to ground us into the energy of the season, so we can reconnect with the earth and recharge. The Nidra is recorded for you to enjoy through the rest of the month.

Each Nidras is unique, responding to not just the season but what you bring to the session. You have control over what you absorb to create a gentle, trauma-aware, healing meditation.

Cost £7 or half price with the code LOVENIDRA

20% of the money is donated to The Dahlia Project which offers free counselling to people affected by FGM


Following dates will be:

6.30pm Thursday 18th February

6.30pm Thursday 25th March


Bodies of all genders, colours and cultures are warmly welcomed.