Yoga Nidra with Ben Wolff

8:15pm - 9:30pm

Weekly Yoga Nidra class at The Life Centre Notting Hill. Classes start on 30th March and will take place every Thursday 8.15-9.30pm.

Yoga Nidra is widely considered by those who practice it to be the meditative heart of yoga.  It's a completely different state of being that effortlessly supports physical, mental and spiritual health, growth and restoration. Through a simple settling down of the body, brain and breath wonderful experiences are available to all. Nothing special is required and once you know that its easily done, its easy to do. Come home to your true self, come home to Yoga Nidra - a jewel that's waiting for you.

Ben Wolff is a leading expert in Yoga Nidra and teaches with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli on the Yoga Campus London teacher trainings to advanced level. He has developed a new scientific approach to the ancient wisdom of Nidra that combines to form a unique experience that's rapidly effective and easy to practice. 

The Life Centre and Yoga Campus have been the home of Yoga Nidra trainings in the UK and are now proud to further support this wonderful practice by providing a weekly opportunity to engage with this wonderful yogic treasure. 


at The Life Centre
Notting Hill
15 Edge Street
London W8 7PN