Total Yoga Nidra at Colourfest

31 May – 3 June 2018


‘Colourfest’ is a 4 day festival with its roots deeply in yoga, and promises to be playful, deep and insightful. A creative upbeat event that explores the depths of life through intelligent movement, yoga, performance, devotional sounds, folk and experimental music, and the arts.

Colourfest offers beautiful spaces packed with eclectic and captivating programs to calm, activate, connect and inspire, led by a host of great musicians and tutors dedicated to their respective paths.

This year they have a new home at Gaunt’s House, a beautiful retreat centre in Dorset, UK. Built around 1752 its situated on a stunning estate totalling nearly 2000 acres with a beautiful lake and many acres of private woods.

They have a dedicated Satsang room within the stunning Gaunts House, and a variety of movement and sound spaces, acoustic café, kids area, traders, healers and theatre tents. There will be a new outside dance and movement space with a collection of live and DJ sets.

The food this year is more diverse, offering a broad range of wholesome uplifting vegetarian options. This will include a dedicated pizzeria, curries and dals, a raw food specialist, pie’s and bakes, wraps and snacks and a cake and chai cafe.

Colourfest encourages you to dive into the full 4 days, to allow more of the magic and beauty to infuse into the very heart of your being and fully integrate all that is on offer

Join the Yoga Nidra Network Team (Cecilia, Theo, Janine, Lucy and Sivani Mata) for Yoga Nidra three times a day as part of this festival's extensive programme of workshops and music


Details and booking:


Gaunts House
BH21 4JD
United Kingdom