Frequently asked questions

  1. First from downloads select one of the files (which will then start to play)
  2. go to file save (which will save it to your computer)
  3. open itunes and drag the file into that
  4. then sync it to your idevice:
    1. click on your idevice in itunes
    2. go to music
    3. select the files you've just downloaded to sync
    4. hit apply

The file you purchased is a compressed (zipped) file, the easiest thing to do if you have access to a computer is to download and unzip the file using that and put the contents into iTunes to transfer to your iPad.

To download it login, visit my account->files and click on the file (e.g., Simply when this is downloaded to your computer you should be able to unzip it using an unzipping program (free examples of zipping programmes are for mac or for pc)

Alternatively if you don't have access to a computer I suggest using izip - a free app on the app store. One of our users said they used it and it worked a treat! :)

We have had one report of our mp3 player not working properly on a samsung tabet. We suggest you download google chrome as this fixed the problem for that person.

An mp3 is a format on which sound is recorded, just like tape, vynil, cd, and so on... an mp3 is just like one of those, but a file that exists on your computer, or other device. If your file is not an mp3 it's a different fomat of audio recording, in which case you'll need to convert it. There are many free mp3 converters out there... but lots of us already have on on our computers.. it's called iTunes:

  • First go to iTunes preferences (or Edit->preferences)-> then Import settings, set it on "good quality"
  • then select your file in the Music library (drag and drop it into there first if it's not already in there!)
  • go to advanced->create mp3 version (a new version will be created in your library, right next to the origional veresion you had already selected.)
  • now select the new file, but this time ctrl-click or right click on it, and in the pop up menu choose "show in finder" (or something like that on a PC)
  • the file shown is the mp3 file you need to upload the website.... you may want to drag it to your desktop for easy locating.

Android: On the android phone we used clicking and holding on the filename (example.mp3) brought up a menu that allowed you to download the file. The file was then found by browsing to Apps->my Files -> Download, where you could rename it to something more memorable and play it. It was also found automatically by google music.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: There is an app called Capriccio It's free - but there is a paid version for 69p which has no ADs. This allows you to import mp3s of a website onto your iphone/ipod...i just tested it on and it works. To download a file you need to go to settings->network setting->URL Download and switch this to on. Then go to Media Explorer (magnifying glass) ->capriccio File System ->Download (disk icon) and paste in the url of where the mp3 file is on the web (copied from the site see above). You need to use the default UI (as opposed to the new one which you can enable in settings) - so don't do that for now (though I'm sure this feature wil be accessible in there in the future.

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