at Portico Gallery, 23A Knight’s Hill, West Norwood, London,  SE27 0HS

Everyone is warmly invited to attend this unique day, surrounded by the beauty of Nirlipta’s new paintings. It’s a rare opportunity to gaze into the heart of the vibrant, potent artwork Nirlipta has created. Experience the powerful focus of eyes-open, gazing meditations (tratak) and the nourishing rest of horizontal meditation (yoga nidra).  Nirlipta will guide you in these practices, with the focus upon the central power points of the astoundingly beautiful paintings that will be on display at the Portico Gallery in an exhibition named Shakti Unleashed from 2-10 December.

Anyone who has a brain to think, and eyes to see (even if you can’t focus too well) is welcome to join Nirlipta for this unique day of Total Yoga Nidra, Neuroplasticity & Tratak in the exquisite energetic-field of his sacred artworks on display at this time.

All are invited to come and rest amongst Nirlipta’s exquisite paintings, and learn about the inner workings of your own mind.

If you are curious to experience more about the structure and function of your brain through restful horizontal meditations, and visual connections with powerful geometry and images of vibrant colour, then this is the day for you.

Come explore the inner world of mind and brain with a series of specially-designed yoga nidras that focus your gaze upon the powerful sacred images painted by Nirlipta Tuli and on exhibition at the Portico Gallery.

This unique series of practices enables you to map the territory of both brain and mind, from the inside. These unique practices provide you with a visceral understanding of how to navigate your own brain, through the vivid embodied experience of yoga nidra (horizontal meditation) and tratak (meditative gazing with eyes open and closed). In the same way as you can travel your attention around the body in standard yoga nidrā, so too you can learn to guide your awareness on journeys through mind and brain; and so much more.

This is an introduction to concepts Nirlipta has uncovered, and are both powerful, potent and restful.

What to expect?

To be surrounded by the vibrant beauty of Nirlipta’s artworks. 

A rich programme of restful yoga nidra for neuroplasticity – to lay back, listen and enjoy!

Nirlipta will also share with you brief lecture-type sessions designed to inform and enlighten without being overly technical and overwhelming.

You will encounter the nidra practices gradually, and your learning will be consolidated through gentle repetition, in the experience of both nidra and as meditation  – this embodied learning is very restful.

­­It’s a day to learn more about your amazing brain with Yoga Nidrā Made Easy co-author Nirlipta Tuli. 

It’s a day to dive deep into the vibrant images Nirlipta has created, and to experience techniques designed to help you truly understand the workings of your own mind. From beginning to end, the day will be filled with yoga nidrās to help you understand and work with your amazing brain; all in the profound nourishing rest of yoga nidrā with Nirlipta.


What do I need to bring?

Nothing at all, just your good self, and a journal if you would like to make some notes. We provide: all the gorgeous paintings on the walls! Plus a super comfy yoga nidrā nest for you –  yoga nidrā mats and blankets, plus cushions, bolsters, eye pillows/scarves, oodles of covers, multiple bolsters (small and large), cosy sheepskins, and as many lovely blankets as you need!

You will learn by experience primarily, the experience of doing and being immersed in yoga nidrā for neuroplasticity for the best part of a day. There will be space for informative mini-lectures, discussions, explanations of the practices and of yoga nidrā, and also for querying and making observations.


Please note that this course doesn’t qualify you to teach or facilitate yoga nidrā.

It is entirely independent of any of our other courses, offered by the Yoga Nidrā Network.

It is a standalone event, and it is also a nourishing choice for anyone who has done any of our other courses, workshops or training and would like to widen and deepen the range of their experiences of yoga nidrā. The course teaches you how to practice and refine these learnings.  After doing this workshop, you may wish to deepen your understanding of neuroplasticity and yoga nidra through more substantial offerings Nirlipta makes. As well as being most profound, they are unique, original creations that have come to him and which he has worked up into practices and sequences of substance and depth. It is not possible to learn these elsewhere.


Proposed Schedule 

Arrivals from 0945 and departures by 3pm

10am  Morning yoga nidrā to welcome you, an introduction to the paintings, and then a rolling programme of neuroplasticity and yoga nidrā with explanations, breaks and snacks as needed til lunchtime

12pm-1pm  Lunch Break

1pm Afternoon yoga nidrā, and then rolling programme of  neuroplasticity and yoga nidrā with explanations, breaks and snacks as needed until the end of the day

3pm Day’s close

Start date and time
Dec 09, 2023 10:00 am
End date and time
Dec 09, 2023 3:00 pm
In Person: Yoga Nidra

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