Home study would certainly suit my circumstances better, but I don't know if I want to do my study sitting in front of a computer. To what extent can I take the course materials offline?

This is an online course, and as such there are limits to the extent you can take the course materials offline. There are potentially four elements to the course material (depending on the course) - audio recordings of yoga nidra practices, audio recordings of lectures, written content, and video lectures – and for each the situation is different:

  • The yoga nidra practices are designed to be listened to often and integrated into everyday life according to your situation. Although they can be streamed from the website, to facilitate their use we also have made them downloadable. This means that once you've downloaded them to your computer you can transfer them to any device you like, and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.
  • As far as the written material goes, we have included a PDF of all the written course content which includes a summary of all the video lectures.
  • The video lectures and audio lecture recordings are not downloadable and can only be streamed from the website. This was necessary to protect our intellectual property.