I'm interested in studying online, but would appreciate the oppportunity to ask questions and interact with the course tutors. What avenues would there be for me to do this?

Anna's role is to provide support for all our online students. So in the short term, if you have any questions or queries then please email her at studentsupport@yoganidranetwork.org. If it's a question about the practice or theory of yoga nidra then she will most likely get an answer from the course tutors, and will send that on to you. The reason we ask you to go through Anna rather than mailing us directly is simply that Anna has the time to keep careful track of everyone's questions and will make sure that you get an answer from us.

In the longer term we hope to reintroduce regular webinars. Each session will focus on a specific aspect of the practice, and will start off with a talk given by Uma and Nirlipta and then open up into a Q&A session. As online course students you will get early notification of webinar dates and will be able to buy places at a reduced price. We plan to start these up again in Autumn 2016, and we will mail all course participants as soon as the first set of dates has been scheduled.