Total Yoga Nidra (creative nidra drawing on multiple schools / styles of nidra)

Rest in Aliveness

Revive and refresh with this twenty-six minute nidra.  In this world of speed, take some precious time to stop and and sink into yourself.  Belong to the stillness of the earth.  Open up to the fluid vibrancy of life moving through you.   Rest in your expansive aliveness.  

Pregnant with twins

This 19 minute yoga nidra was created for one of my pregnant clients so that she could connect with both of her babies while listening to the relaxation.  See also the ones for a single pregnancy and for a baby in the breech position. There are more at including a postnatal one. Yoga nidra was invaluable to me post birth and my main practice for two years afterwards.

Yoga Nidra for Pain Relief (Spanish)

He creado este Yoga Nidra para el alivio y la gestión del Dolor. Como paciente misma del dolor, llevo muchos años explorando e investigando con el Dolor a traves de técnicas de mindfulness, la respiración y la técnica de Yoga Nidra. Recomiendo esta prácitca tanto si vives con dolor crónico , como dolor puntual, por la recuperación de algún trauma físico u operación.

Riding the Wave of Sleep

A 23 minute sleep nidra specially designed to guide you into sleep for the night.  Snuggle down and nestle up!  Enjoy welcoming each part of yourself back into wholeness and into rest. Ride the wave of the breath into a deep, nourishing night's sleep.  


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