May 2021 Summer is late and waiting on the Holy Spirit

There's a sense of being a little stuck and unsure what is next. Recorded on the eve of the next stage of lockdown easing, mid May but summer that should have started May 1st still not really here: temperatures are down on yearly averages, soggy blossom is stuck on the trees unpollinated, farmers say crops are late. And in the Christian calendar in the journey from Easter, Christ has ascended and we await the glorious descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, a week away. And, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the Friends cast has reassembled: stuck in 2nd gear?!

After settling, Himalayan rotation with soggy blossom anointing; images in nature evoking symbols of the holy spirit, a forest journey to feel the sap rising and plumping new leaves, and lying in the embrace of roots below and boughs above, a radiance rotation for healing, Weaving through is gratitude for the Spirit of God who pulses between and within us, connecting to the Creator. The closing blessing, Life-force of God, you make the sap to rise is from priest-poet Tess Ward.

One other thing about this contemplative practice of nidra: the move between the felt sense of what it is like to be you in this unique and present moment, and meaning-making reflection, ie between being and thinking, is acknowledged and validated.



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