Total Yoga Nidra: Exploring Neuroscience and Yogic Philosophy; or, How yoga nidra works

13 – 14 May 2017

1000 – 1800 each day

with Nirlipta Tuli and Ben Wolff

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB


If you want to know how total yoga nidra works and why it makes you feel so good then come and attend this weekend.

This short course investigates how both recent findings in how neuroscience as well as a lucid explanation of yogic and samkhyan philosopy can explain how total yoga nidra works.  There will be theory, discussion and much in the way of practical experience of total yoga nidra to demonstrate and  embody these teachings. 

This will be done by discussing how recent research findings into neuroscience have  been mapping the brain, how it works, how brain waves function, how they relate to yoga nidra, where different parts of the brain are active in the process of yoga nidra, and indeed how these findings show how the brain works and makes total yoga nidra so effective as a practice which will have its structure made evident for observation and experience during the workshop.

Samkhyan philosophy underpins yoga and there will be an elaborative exposition with regards to the effective and profound functioning of total yoga nidra with both theory and a practical understanding through yoga nidra in a way that will make this complex and multi-layered philosophy much more understandable than is usually the case.

The course will entail theory, question and answers, practical demonstration, and much in the way of experiencing yoga nidra. It has at its core the aims of being both informative, understandable, practical and enjoyable.

The course is facilitated and designed by Ben Wolff and Nirlipta Tuli and will be held with kindness and clarity and with an openness to query.
Some practical sessions will be recorded and made available for students after the course finishes.


Cost and Booking

The cost for this weekend is £199 including lunches and all refreshments.

To book contact Sivani Mata on


Venue and Accommodation

This venue in Stroud is Uma and Nirlipta's home. Please note that you are welcome to arrive up to 30min before the course start time, but not before then.

Accommodation is not included in this course, but there are number of local options. Contact details for B&Bs recommended by previous students, and also accommodation with the very lovely Cistercian Sisters, our neighbours at the Brownshill Monastery can be found on our Course Practical Details (Stroud) PDF


Transport and Directions

Stroud is 30 miles north west of Bristol, and is on a mainline train link direct from London Paddington (90 minutes. It is about 105 miles west of London (approximately 2 hours driving on M4 and A419). For complete directions please download the Course practical details (Stroud) PDF


Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood
Gunhouse Lane
United Kingdom