Cecilia Allon

35-year-old woman feeling happiness, with her twisted arms & hand twist

Since discovering yoga in 1999, I’ve found my practice to be an incredibly powerful tool for support and positive transformation in my life.  I’ve practiced in various styles and traditions and I draw on these different traditions in my classes.  Yoga Nidra has been an integral part of my practice since I started yoga and I share Total […]

Raquel Webb

Such a beautiful adult lady sitting in a sexy Meditation yoga pose

I am British Australian and live in Cadiz, Spain. Am a joyful mum and wife. I have been in Yoga since the year 2000 and in 2011 decided to study and immerse myself in Yoga becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Restorative and Pre-Natal, and of-course Yoga Nidra. I created and managed a Yoga School for […]

Naomi Jones

Naomi started practicing yoga after having her second child in 2008. Looking for ways to strengthen and tone her physical body, what she found was a feeling of peace created by Self exploration through the practice of yoga. She followed this feeling which led her to attend yoga teacher training in 2012.  Since that time […]