An Evening with Nidra Shakti

total yoga nidra in moscow with uma dinsmore-tuli

29 April 2017

Sunday 18:00 – 20:00

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

at White Clouds, Pokrovka 4, Moscow, Russia

Experience profound relaxation and welcome deep renewal of energy. This is the yoga of sleep. There is no need to move, simply to settle into deep comfort and open your ears to the sound of the practices. An evening of Total Yoga Nidra empowers you to refresh your vitality, boost your creativity and support your health and well being.  Spoken word is accompanied by mantra and poetry, song and soundings to soothe and calm your nervous system, 

Yoga nidra is the most transformative, potent and remarkably adaptive of all yoga practices. Yoga nidra is in fact not really a single practice, but rather an experience of altered states of consciousness, essentially meditative experiences which can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and general health. Total Yoga Nidra introduces you to the full spectrum  of yoga nidra experiences.  Awaken your consciousness of sleep and dream through the tantric practice of expanded awareness for lucid living. Become alive to the source of well-being, happiness and purpose in every dimension of life. 

A series of short yoga nidra practices will be alternated throughout the evening with time for questions and discussion about the nature of Yoga Nidra.

All welcome – Women and Men


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or Contact Anna Shkulanova on / +7 916 5200174


White Clouds,
Pokrovka 4