Cesta začíná - Přání - Yoga nidra u vody - hezky Česky

35 min resourceful yoga nidra recording in Czech language

Výlet do Vašeho vnitřního světa a možná i dále, k prázdninám u vody kde se přání a vzkazy posílají zapečetěné v láhvy či vyplují na vědomí jako vlnky na pobřeží.

There is a first introduction (about 3.25min) then the actual yoga nidra that starts at 3.26min and has a classical structure.

It is called "The road begins" (the road starts).

After grounding, Sankalpa, rotation of consciousness, countdown from 27 and a pair of opposites, the listener is offered to enjoy a nice experience in a form of a relaxation on a shore of a lake and maybe taking a bath in a water where he eventually may swim, laugh and play and maybe even at one point discover a personal message in a bottle, before revoking the Sankalpa again and slowly returning to a shore again and to present state of being.


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