I am light

This 26 minute nidra was recorded during my slow flow & yoga nidra class. 

The intention of this nidra is to welcome all that arises, every emotion  feeling and sensation and to release all that we wish to let go off and nourish ourselves with whatever it is we feel we need..  

We start this nidra by going to our happy and safe space, followed by connecting to the flow of breath releasing anything that doesn't serve us with every exhale. 

During the rotation of consciousness we connect to the vast, infinite field of energy, inhaling whatever it is we feel we need right now. 

We cultivate a feeling of connection remembering that we all have the same desires and fears, and cultivate a feeling of compassion towards our 'mistakes, darker sides and so on'. 

All is welcome exactly as it is.. My dear friend Hilde van der Heijden is singing India Aries beautiful song 'I am light' at the end of this nidra.

Enjoy! And remember you are perfect, just the way you are.. 


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