Pashtu Nidra

 A nidra recorded with a Pashtu interpreter and using coherence breathing.

This nidra was recorded for a 14 year old boy from Afghanistan. He has a familiar story of these children; experiencing parents dying, extreme violence and danger. He was raped on the journey by smugglers and other adults who exploited his vulnerability. 

When this nidra was delivered to him he fell asleep. He slept for 40 minutes and came back saying he has not felt such deep peace in his body and mind for 2 years. He is frightened to close his eyes to sleep at night for what he might re-live but Nidra is empowering him to sleep and rest without fear and torment. He has listened each night to this recording that we made and said he slept without nightmares for 6/7 nights...he usually has them 7/7 nights! 

Full power to the Nidra! 

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Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, Co-Founders, Yoga Nidra Network