Yoga nidra to connect with the wild joy of fireflies dancing in the moonlit pine forest

This nidra honours the element of Fire.

You are invited to imagine that you are lying in a forest gazing up at pine trees silhouetted against the twilight sky. I invite your awareness to rest in the space of the heart, imagining the heart’s desire as a flame burning in the heart or if the heart’s desire is not known, you are invited to imagine it as a cool ember that can be reignited with your breath.

This nidra includes a Himalayan rotation of consciousness. You are invited to imagine a golden ball of light illuminating each part of the body in turn, dancing playfully around the body. 

The pairs of opposites used are:

Hot / Cold – The dancing balls of light are fireflies and I invite you to imagine that they are made of fire, little balls of fire that warm the whole body as you rest on the cold earth below.

I invite your awareness to rest on your breath as you breathe the fireflies into the night sky and the forest breathes them back to settle onto your body.

There is a short visualisation in which you are invited to imagine sitting by a campfire in the forest, the scent of smoke, juniper and pine in your nostrils, gazing into the flames. If you wish you can make a offering to the fire, allowing what doesn’t serve you to be burned away to ashes and your hopes and prayers to be carried into the sky by the smoke.

Instruments used: Koshi Chimes and Sansoula.

This nidra is part of a series of five nidras to honour the elements. The other Elemental Alchemy nidras can be accessed by becoming a patron on 

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