Dreaming Our Way Home - Together

What strange times we find ourselves in dear resting ones! Right now, in the vast messy pickle we humans have made of this planet and of our societies, I feel more than ever that we cannot THINK our way out of this mess - we need to be dreaming our way home, dreaming into the old ways of reconnection, rewilding and restoring rhythmic cycles - And to dream we need to be well rested, as you well know! And to pay attention to the dream signs - especially now as we head towards the new moon of this LUNAR NEW YEAR is a way to help each other find our way to a healing space beyond and beneath the traumas we have inflicted upon each other and our world.

Midwinter Fear Is Saying Its Prayers

I recently made an epic journey to the west coast of Canada to support a family member to move through a dark place. And in the depths of midwinter, we can often feel darkness and inertia as a call to go within. In these darkest times we can find the core of our strength, wrapped up in our deepest fears. The little extract of a song I shared above shares a part of how it was to make this midwinter journey.

Fruiting After Frost

Astonished this morning, we harvested yet another bowl of delicious raspberries from the generous plants outside our back door. This last batch came after the first frosts, and are the sweetest I have ever tasted. Which is exactly like the wonderful opportunities we share with you today - a fabulously sweet, abundant harvest of wonderful events after the 'frost' of what has been an intensely difficult year for so many people, ourselves included. At every level we are being challenged - and we have chosen to respond by returning to our roots and re-presenting and refining some of our most marvellous 'fruits' to you:

Many Harvests Now

Jai Mā! Dear Nidristas – long newsletter alert! So many JUICY YOGA NIDRA MARVELS to share – get a cuppa and settle down to enjoy good news from the Wonderful World of Total Yoga Nidrā!

Many Harvests Now

Our Cotswold hedgerows are abundant with berries: elder trees bent over with the fattest elderberries I have ever seen, and the sloes and blackberries are ripening well. We are celebrating a bumper harvest here in the Stroud, and finding comfort and joy in the simple tasks of preserving the berries as syrup and cooking up blackberry and apple crumbles. As so much about the world news reveals chaos, violence and disconnection, it is nourishing to be connected into the cycles of our land, and to feel the generosity with which the earth gives to us!

Resting at the Ragged Edges

Each morning I invite myself into a spacious and natural yoga nidrā to help me notice the process of awakening to the day. I invite you too, if this is not a process that is already part of your morning time, to make a little space for this morning nidra song. Sometimes, especially in these challenging times, it may be accompanied by urgent mental lists of tasks to complete (write them down!). Sometimes the curious crumbs of dreams remain to savour or confuse (write those down too!). Whatever is there at this awakening moment, if welcomed with interest and respect, can set the tenor for the day ahead. Try it and see for yourself.

Statement from the Yoga Nidra Network concerning Ben Wolff

Please note that the Yoga Nidra Network and its founders Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli are no longer associated in any way whatsoever with Ben Wolff, consequently we do not host or promote his work.

Shelter in the Sanctuary of Yoga Nidra

Things are extra challenging for humans everywhere right now, so we believe that the more yoga nidra facilitators there are in the world the better! We are committed in our service to the world's practice of yoga nidra as a global tool for healing and support, so this past weekend Nirlipta and I were delighted to be working with our US colleague Yoli Maya Yeh to support our trainees on the second gathering of our Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training course.

Elemental Reconnections at Bealtaine New Moon

This week we launched an URGENT 'GIVE BACK TO INDIA' incentive for everyone to DONATE to projects in India to fund medical care and community support during the current COVID crisis in India. We owe our practice of yoga nidra to our teachers in India and we want to encourage you to GIVE BACK to India in this time of need.

In Defence of the Practice of Yoga Nidrā

A joint declaration of independence for Yoga Nidrā Shakti. First published 12th April 2021, Revised and Updated 9 May 2021. This purpose of this statement is to inform, educate and reassure. Our intention is to support and uplift practitioners and facilitators of all forms and methods of yoga nidrā worldwide, whilst calling to account all the organisations which promote this practice. We offer our perspective on the current context of yoga nidrā teaching, including a summary of our understanding of recent and historic abuses in all major yoga nidrā organisations. We also reveal, in brief, some neglected and hidden histories of yoga nidrā, in order to provide a broader, more nuanced and complete context of understanding of this diverse and ancient practice.