Tending the light within: a Blessing for the Nidristas

Warm greetings to you all on this Diwali new moon from my writing retreat on the wild ocean’s edge of North Clare in the West of Ireland. I am here in the Burren, between the hills and the Atlantic, working away on the Nidra Shakti Encyclopaedia of Yoga Nidra (when I’m not writing to you!) It is a great privilege to have this very precious time to be writing and practising and putting together seven years of work on this enormous book! Part of my intent is to reclaim and nourish our roots and rights to rest, so I am integrating and revising some of my previous writings on the theft of sleep - if you haven’t already connected to this you might enjoy to read what I wrote for my friends on the Dark Mountain, it's a bit like a sneak preview of the book:

Worlds of Rest

Thank you for your presence in our world of Nidra work! We are so very grateful that we have met so many radiant souls and inspirational beings in our work over the past twenty years of sharing Total Yoga Nidra in the service of Nidra Shakti. I begin with this heartfelt giving of thanks, because so many of you reading this newsletter are dear people we have met in person - we have laughed together, rested together, sharing stories and chocolate and space together, many of you have eaten in our kitchen or chatted in our garden, or we have met you in your own home towns on our travels around the world - and now in this strange time where most of our work has shifted online, we are so very grateful for the authentic heartfelt connection that we share with you all.

HONOURING DREAM AND NIDRA: Calling all dreamers!

In these strange and uncertain times, I honour the deep power of rest as She is celebrated in many wisdom traditions and indigenous practices around the world and through all time. Sleep is a balm and a healing for so many - and through yoga nidra we can access the source of our dreams that be a solace and a power that nourishes. And so we invite you to re-connect with your dreams through yoga nidra …

Nidra Life

Part way through our first ever Live Online Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and facilitator training (Next one in October), I paused to take a night swim under the full moon of Lughnasa (time of first harvest) here at Magheramore Beach in Wicklow with my host and mentor tutor on the online TYNTFT, Yoga Nidra teacher Daithí Ó hÉighnigh As we swam through the water, tiny pinpricks of light scattered out under the waves from our hands, like magical constellations of miniature stars - the phosphoresce danced in the water under the full moon. Just like in the Himalayan Institute inspired 61 point nidras I often share, these liquid phosphorescent constellations reminded me of the starlight rotation yoga nidras, and brought once again the practice of Total Yoga Nidra into the magical practice of awareness in daily life.

Honouring the Roots of Yoga Nidra

As the UK begins to open up to more everyday activities that were on pause during our COVID lockdown, I reflect upon the vital place of daily Yoga Nidra in self-care strategies. This week I delivered the last in a series of 122 live daily Total Yoga Nidra co-creations for community support that I shared each day on my Facebook page for seventeen weeks and three days. That’s a lot of nidra! I need a bit of a break now - so plan to return with these in the Autumn maybe… YOGA NIDRA SUPPORTS OUR SANITY!

Yoga Nidra Network Operating Ethics

A Statement of Solidarity and Affirmation of Right Action from the Yoga Nidra Network Right action is part of our yogic path.  This statement is the result of our collective efforts since 2009, when we first began to share Total Yoga Nidra. It shares the foundational beliefs which have shaped our work and continue to inspire our choices. We at the Yoga Nidra Network are an independent post-lineage collective of teachers, trainers, practitioners and students from all over the world and we strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Celebrating the Abundance of Spring

It was a joy to return to England after nearly two months on the road in the Middle East and Bali, and to find the green lace of new leaves dancing in the trees and the wild garlic pungent in the woodlands!

Honouring Stillness: 'One of the doors into the temple.'

Practising and sharing Total Yoga Nidra here in the very buzzing busy-ness of Ubud, Bali, I find Total Yoga Nidra to be a daily place of sanctuary. For me, the beauty and power of Total Yoga Nidra is the capacity to drop into stillness and a space of inner quiet, absolutely anywhere and anytime. All that’s needed is a small space to get horizontal (even partially horizontal will do) and the will to STOP.

Moving into Balance

Moving towards Spring Equinox, we approach, in the Northern Hemisphere, an exquisite balance between light and dark. There is a tension in this balance, a creative dynamic between the Winter behind us and the wonders of the Spring ahead. And just as in the pairs of opposites in the practice of Yoga Nidra, we can savour the immensely freeing sense of welcoming both these qualities with equal hospitality. It is this equality of welcome, this openness or awareness in Yoga Nidra that for me makes the practice so valuable in daily life.

An Invitation to join my Patreon Community

Happiest of New Years to you! Blessings of love to you from London, where we were celebrating with the Santosa family on Sunday with three Yoga Nidras! Thank you for being part of the Restful Revolution that is arising as we make space and time to nourish the power of rest in our lives - we truly are part of a global network of the well rested - together we are changing the world. I am so very proud and pleased to invite you to step into an inner Circle of Wisdom and Empowerment.