Yoga Nidra Network Operating Ethics

A Statement of Solidarity and Affirmation of Right Action from the Yoga Nidra Network Right action is part of our yogic path.  This statement is the result of our collective efforts since 2009, when we first began to share Total Yoga Nidra. It shares the foundational beliefs which have shaped our work and continue to inspire our choices. We at the Yoga Nidra Network are an independent post-lineage collective of teachers, trainers, practitioners and students from all over the world and we strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Celebrating the Abundance of Spring

It was a joy to return to England after nearly two months on the road in the Middle East and Bali, and to find the green lace of new leaves dancing in the trees and the wild garlic pungent in the woodlands!

Honouring Stillness: 'One of the doors into the temple.'

Practising and sharing Total Yoga Nidra here in the very buzzing busy-ness of Ubud, Bali, I find Total Yoga Nidra to be a daily place of sanctuary. For me, the beauty and power of Total Yoga Nidra is the capacity to drop into stillness and a space of inner quiet, absolutely anywhere and anytime. All that’s needed is a small space to get horizontal (even partially horizontal will do) and the will to STOP.

Moving into Balance

Moving towards Spring Equinox, we approach, in the Northern Hemisphere, an exquisite balance between light and dark. There is a tension in this balance, a creative dynamic between the Winter behind us and the wonders of the Spring ahead. And just as in the pairs of opposites in the practice of Yoga Nidra, we can savour the immensely freeing sense of welcoming both these qualities with equal hospitality. It is this equality of welcome, this openness or awareness in Yoga Nidra that for me makes the practice so valuable in daily life.

An Invitation to join my Patreon Community

Happiest of New Years to you! Blessings of love to you from London, where we were celebrating with the Santosa family on Sunday with three Yoga Nidras! Thank you for being part of the Restful Revolution that is arising as we make space and time to nourish the power of rest in our lives - we truly are part of a global network of the well rested - together we are changing the world. I am so very proud and pleased to invite you to step into an inner Circle of Wisdom and Empowerment.

Dreaming for the Earth

Blessings to you from Kerala, where we have been practicing many forms of beautiful Yoga Nidra that reconnect us to the elements - wild nidra on the beach, as the sun is sinking into the Indian Ocean, dawn nidra as the light shines out over the backwaters in the east, and aqua nidra floating in the swimming pool in the cool of the afternoon.

Yoga Nidra Changed My Life

Warm November greetings to you from the heat of the Keralan winter, We are here in South India with the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator training. Fourteen women from eight different countries have gathered here to immerse themselves in yoga nidra, and in the vibrant culture of Kerala.

We Are Change

After a period of illness, the body’s vulnerability and impermanence always feel to me more vivid. Recovering now, I’m watching the cycles of life and the vital place of rest within those cycles seem with fresh eyes. Especially at this exquisite time of balance, between light and dark, between the Summer and the Autumn, between the light and dark, I find myself balanced in a short convalescent pause, between a summer of sharing in the sunshine, and the start of a busy Autumn schedule of teachings and travel. I am grateful always for Total Yoga Nidra and the healing that it brings. Nidra Shakti enables me to rest amidst activity, to nurture and restore.

Yoga Nidra, Mudra & The Feminine Art of Listening

I am excited to invite you to a FREE online gathering this August 27-31: Yoga & The Subtle Body, put together by my dear friends at Hanuman Academy. I am honored to be one of 25 master yoga teachers, consciousness leaders and wisdom keepers featured in this gathering. We will share tools, tips and wisdom to illuminate the mysteries of the subtle dimensions of practice, and how to create a life of self mastery, health and happiness for ourselves and our communities.

Would you love to share Total Yoga Nidra with others?

A special newsletter to my yogi brothers and yogini sisters in the USA. I sincerely hope that you are still enjoying the benefits of the Total Yoga Nidra practices that I shared with you last Fall. I trust that they have deepened your practice and the benefits continue to ripple into your heart, soul and life.