In the global service of Nidra Shakti …

I just returned home to Stroud, after a three week teaching tour of the USA. It was delightful to be sharing Total Yoga Nidra, wherever I went, in Reston Virgina, in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois, and up in the Wisconsin woods at a Franciscan multi-faith retreat centre, dedicated to ’Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation’.

Experiencing Deep Freedom with Yoga Nidra in the USA this June

As I sit and reflect on the thousands upon thousands of Yoga Nidra Practices I have offered, I am filled with gratitude at knowing the profound effects these practices have on the lives of the individuals who receive them. I sit in service of Nidra Shakti and cannot be anything but overwhelmingly honored and blessed to continue to share Yoga Nidra...the most transformative of all yoga practices.

We promise to keep treating your details responsibly

Although there’s a change coming in data regulations, our commitment to protecting your data will never change. We take privacy very seriously and always manage your data responsibly. Our mission is sharing Total Yoga Nidra and Nidra Shakti and we do this through different channels to ensure our local and international communities can access Yoga Nidra in multiple forms including courses (both in person and online), trainings and of course free Yoga Nidra downloads.

Total Yoga Nidra - Summer USA Tour

I am happy to be entering another spiral with our US based yoga nidrastas on deepening our conversation with rest and how we hold rest as a sacred practice in our lives. While Nidra weaves into all of our offerings, it is a very special time indeed when we focus solely on Yoga Nidra and the myriad of ways it creates a container of deep rest and invites us into an expanded consciousness that other practices simply do not offer in the same way.

Delight in Kinship Everywhere

Bealtaine blessings from the vibrant green Cotswolds! We're landing briefly home from the West of Ireland, and pausing for a breath before heading over to share Total Yoga Nidra in Gravito, a beautiful eco retreat in the northern hills of Portugal. Those of you who enjoy to practice and share Total Yoga Nidra, will already know that this powerful practice has a lot of friends around the world: everywhere that we travel, we meet kindred spirits who love and value this practice.

Easter Newsletter

Atlantic Easter Greetings from the wild West of Ireland to you lovely nidristas, And a warm invitation to join us all in London for the upcoming Total Yoga Nidra Immersion 7 – 8 April in the exquisite and radiant shrine room of the Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre. If you’ve been before, you’ll know how special these weekend events are, so please know you are welcome to come again (there are some who have been three times!), or perhaps to send along a student, friend or family member who might relish ten hours of Total Yoga Nidra in a `comfy nest`of great beauty.

A little Madness in the Spring

Blessings from the Cotswolds hills to you beautiful nidristas, I send warm encouragements to smile and rest and sing for the little madnesses of the English Spring as we move from one cold snowy spell to another, even as the snowdrops here in the woods bob their heads, and the shining green leaves of the wild garlic begin to unfurl.

Be excessively gentle with yourself…

Brighid’s Blessings to you dear souls, Imbolc greetings from the North Eastern reaches of the land of the Celtic saints. Light is coming! Here in Northumberland we’ve been gathered with our team of yogis, teachers, Web wizards and witches, and the administrative angels who keep the Yoga Nidra Network serving us all as well as we can.

Blessing for a New Beginning

Happy New Year! And a Warm Welcome to the unfurling of all our spirits in 2018. This newsletter comes with greetings for all the very best for the year ahead - and for beautiful unfolding of Nidra Shakti in your lives, as a source of inspiration, restoration and the deepest reconnection.

Midwinter Pause

Nidra Shakti gives a great gift to us all: she brings us effortlessly to stillness. In the extraordinary busy-ness of the past few months, amongst the packed schedules and the demanding travel, between the deadlines, and in the time I spend on the road, in airports and train stations, in the US, and in Scandinavia, in the UK and Ireland, in big cities and beautiful woodlands, I have been gifted small pockets of stillness, more precious because they are so rare. In those small pockets, I have been quiet and still enough to hear the song of how Yoga Nidra’s healing power is spreading around the world. I am humbled by the beauty I see this practice bringing to so many people’s lives everywhere.