Yoga Nidra and the Yoga of Sleep and Dreams

Ben Wolff Yoga Nidra
Ben Wolff workshop Yoga Nidra and Sleep

22 October 2016

Saturday 10:30 – 16:30

with Ben Wolff

at St Andrews Youth Club, Alec Wizard House, 12 Old Pye St, Westminster, London, SW1P 2DG


A dream not remembered is like a letter not opened.  For as long as we've been human we've been dreaming. Long before language there was the language of dreams giving us messages about what the best thing to do is to help us thrive in our situations.  We all have this ability to access this information. Most people either don't or don't know how to. Come and learn the easy way to get the inside information and enrich your life by living your dreams. Ben Wolff has a long established practice of Dream Yoga and has worked out easy ways to share the gifts and techniques that enables access to this wonderful realm. Learn how to speak dream and get lucid within the dreaming world, via the waking dream of Yoga Nidra.


Cost and Booking

The cost for this day is £50

To book contact Ben directly on 


St Andrews Youth Club, Alec Wizard House
12 Old Pye St
United Kingdom