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Yoga Nidra for Setting Intentions

I recorded this Yoga Nidra with my regular Yoga Nidra and Meditation group by the sea. It was our first meeting of the new year and this practice focuses on setting intentions for 2020. In it we imagine planting seeds in the fertile landscape of our bodies. As well as our main intention (Sankalpa) we can imagine the other seeds as things that might support us in making any positive changes in our life.

Yoga Nidra Wake Up

For children this 5 minute Yoga Nidra invites the morning sky to softly welcome you into a new day of light and freshness. Using a Kalimba instrument welcoming sound into the transition from sleep to waking. 

Yoga Nidra de 5 minutos para niños en el cual invita el cielo matutino dando la bienvenida a un nuevo día de luz y frescura. Es en inglés y fácil de entender para niños aunque el inglés no sea su lengua materna.

New Year, New Beginnings - 32mins

Recorded live in Berlin Jan 2020.

This is an exploration of our presence in space and the vastness of the universe.

We start with an exercise in perspective, becoming aware of our body, city, country, continent, earth, cosmos....before settling into a rotation, pairs of opposites and a visualisation where we review our year gone by and consider the year to come.


A practice of gratitude for all that we are, all that we have achieved and overcome and all that we have the power to do, whilst staying connected to the awareness of our presence in space.

Welcoming Feeling Wondering

This is a standout Nidra recording for several reasons. I chose to highlight 3 major tools of Nidra making it very accessible while also asking the deeper questions Nidra can illuminate. It very much shows synthesis and development in my presentation of the Nidra practice. This is Total Yoga Nidra to the core and draws from all of my usual inspirations: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non-dual Shiva Tantra, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Richard Miller, Contact Improvisation, and Mother Earth Herself.


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