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Future Best Self Yoga Nidra

This 17 min Yoga Nidra is combined with time travel to meet your Future Best Self. Simply because I could not get this idea out of my mind. It is intended to remind us of the infinite reservoir of wisdom and guidance available at all times. Especially times of great uncertainty like right now. 

Future Best Self meditation is inspired by the work of Osha Key, Teal Swan and Tara Mohr. 

Awareness Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra leads your through the kosha layers of body, breath, emotions, thoughts and love before guiding you to sense yourself as awareness...the unchanging in which ever-changing experiences arise and dissolve. This nidra is infused with sound healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. It is the final nidra from Myriam's Nidra Journey. 

Soft and Gentle Yoga Nidra

A 10 min yoga nidra, recorded during my online Yoga for Women circle. This is a gentle and nourishing practice that invites you to welcome softness and gentleness into your heart and body as you take a little time to pause from everyday life. It's perfect to fit in at any time of the day, even in the busiest of days. Enjoy :)

Rest in Aliveness

Revive and refresh with this twenty-six minute nidra.  In this world of speed, take some precious time to stop and and sink into yourself.  Belong to the stillness of the earth.  Open up to the fluid vibrancy of life moving through you.   Rest in your expansive aliveness.  


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