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Wild flower nidra for women

This yoga nidra was created for our closing circle in the Yoga Nidra Network: Womxn's Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training. The practice works with the seeds of wisdom and learning, growing your own Nidra wild flower, or way of sharing and connecting with your own voice. This Yoga Nidra can be enjoyed by anyone exploring their own creative expression and voice. 

I Am Pine: a yoga nidra for finding your way

This is one of my Wisdom of the Trees series nidras. This nidra is inspired by the evergreen pine. You are invited to imagine you are standing on the edge of a pine forest, ancient pines filling the sky before you, branches outstretched like arms welcoming you, inviting you in. Slender trunks swaying in the cold, north wind, gracefully bowing to each other, like dancers keeping time with an old-time waltz, dancing to the rhythm of the whispers of the pines....

Nurturing and Welcoming

This was delivered to a small in person class - the first for almost two years. Everyone was feeling very tender and unsure and yet very pleased to see each other and have the opportunity to experience a live yoga nidra.  The title says it all really.

Autumnal Release

For me, one of the most treasured and powerful forms of the Yoga Nidra practice is that of full release. It is not always the most ecological in terms of our life because the contentment and perspective that can arise when we are able to fully let go and allow can transform many things. This recording is designed to capture the energy of the Fall so that we can let go with mother earth. Careful with this one, pick the right set and setting.


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