Himalayan Institute Yoga Nidra

Spaciousness and

Yoga Nidra by Petra -  Natural being of light in PEACE with Sankalpa

Light and lightness. Heaviness and ground. 15 min.

Recorded on December 2019.  Out of spaciousness series in English : 2. Yoga Nidra by Petra - Light and Space

L'espace, la joie et le repos

Cette courte Yoga Nidra de 12 min, repose, inclut un Sankalpa et intègre la dimension de l'infini et du défini.

L'espace qui prend la liberté et nous permet à toucher aux étoiles, avoir sa place et se ressourcer au travers de la joie et pourquoi pas de la danse.


La sensation au réveil sera douce et agréable.

A journey Inside ( o calatorie spre sine) Romanian Language

It's following the structure taught.  Welcome. Settling with breath and awareness of the senses. 

Rotation only front of the body Uma( himalayan) style with awakening the part of the body with a flickering star, 

Breath awareness,  contrasting emotions feeling powerful on physical, mental and emotional level.  Than weakness throughout and then holding both simultaneously.  

Expansion and contraction with breath and light ,  moving towards healing sphere of light on inhale, collection of light in heart space with exhale.

Fertile Darkness

This 40-minute nidra is nature-based, at the time of the fertile darkness of the new moon in grey, dormant January. There is the merest hint of new shoots, a knowledge that life is underground. After earthing and time in the warm, intimate cave of the heart, there is a Himalayan rotation, alternation of opposites, a visualisation taking cues from the fertile landscape, trees and creatures here at Viveka Gardens in Devon. Given as a Friday Night Nidra on 12.01.18.

Marma Points (FRENCH) - 29min

[FR] Un Yoga Nidra suivant les 61 points de la rotation de la conscience issue de la tradition de l'Himalayan Institute. 

Pratique enregistrée à Montreuil.

Je travaille actuellement à la traduction du programme Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation et cette nouvelle version de la formation en Français sera accessible à l'automne 2016.

[ENG] Yoga Nidra going through the 61 points rotation of the consciousness of Himalayan Institute

Recorded live in Montreuil 2nd of August


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