Satyananda Yoga Nidra™

Beach Nidra

This is a 30 min YN, perfect for less experienced students or for a day time practice as I guide you through the Satyananda rotation.

The opposites section takes you to the beach and the visualisation section takes all of your senses on a journey.


Enjoy x

For addiction: Sense of being

This 28-minute yoga nidra is for helping people with any type of addiction. Changing behaviour is a long term endeavour. During my teaching job at a rehabilitation centre l met many people who needed different kinds of help. Yoga nidra is one of the tools which l used and I received lots of positive feedback about this. In this practice l hope you experience a hypnotic and deeply relaxed state. This can help change behaviour more easily. Sankalpa or intention is important for people with addictions.

Homunculus Cortical (FRENCH) - 39 min

[FR] Un Yoga Nidra incluant une version longue de la rotation de la conscience de Satyananda et suivant le shéma neurologique de l'homunculus Cortical. 

Pratique enregistrée à Montreuil. 

Je travaille actuellement à la traduction du programme Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation et cette nouvelle version de la formation en Français sera accessible à l'automne 2016.

[ENG] A Yoga Nidra with long version of Satyananda rotation of consciousness following the neurologic map of the Homunculus Cortical. 


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