Satyananda Yoga Nidra™

意识徐流的深度放松 Consciousness flow deep relaxation

This nidra is in Chinese.  This is a nidra that invites you to feel the flow of consicousness around the body through the process to help you slow down and relax deeply.

这个不到15分钟的 Yoga nidra 可以非常有效的帮助你深度放松。当你感到压力太大,生活工作的节奏太快的时候,不如找个舒服的姿势坐下或者躺下,给自己15分钟的自我呵护时间。我会在这个nidra里带着你的意识缓缓流过整个身体,也许在这个过程中你会找到慢下来的感觉,放下很多让神经紧绷的事情。 这个练习非常适合初学者。我会推荐你在练习之前准备一到两个枕头,一个放在头下,一个垫在膝盖下边让你的腰可以更舒服的休息。如果是坐着练习,最好找一个有靠背的椅子可以安全舒服的用后背靠着。准备一个毯子盖好,因为在练习中体温会因为放松而下降。如果睡着了也完全没有问题,这是你该得的休息时间:)

Yoga Nidra for Balaka

Balaka is a Lunar Nitya and and aspect of Kali.  She comes to visit us 12 nights after the Full Moon.  She is the Goddess of Self-Indulgence. Music on this Yoga Nidra is provided by Kevin MacLeod.

If you want to know more about Bakaja you can watch this video explaining her symbols. If you want to know about the Moon Phase Goddess please visit my website at




Quiet, Peaceful, Calm

This is a short, 19-minute Yoga Nidra, to encourage you to relax into this moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. Simply allowing yourself to move deeper into stillness.

The sequence is accessible to all, especially if new to Yoga Nidra, as there is no descriptive visualization on this particular track, just the comfort of following the body scan and awareness of your life force, or prana

It’s also useful for when there isn't time for a longer Yoga Nidra meditation, and can be used as a refreshing power nap.


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