Total Yoga Nidra (creative nidra drawing on multiple schools / styles of nidra)

Yoga Nidra for Pain Relief (Spanish)

He creado este Yoga Nidra para el alivio y la gestión del Dolor. Como paciente misma del dolor, llevo muchos años explorando e investigando con el Dolor a traves de técnicas de mindfulness, la respiración y la técnica de Yoga Nidra. Recomiendo esta prácitca tanto si vives con dolor crónico , como dolor puntual, por la recuperación de algún trauma físico u operación.

Riding the Wave of Sleep

A 23 minute sleep nidra specially designed to guide you into sleep for the night.  Snuggle down and nestle up!  Enjoy welcoming each part of yourself back into wholeness and into rest. Ride the wave of the breath into a deep, nourishing night's sleep.  

Flourishing and Fallowing at May Day

May Day 2020: Nature is not sticking to pathetic fallacy with a sunny, abundant burgeoning of fertility and health at the time of lockdown. In the orchard at Viveka Gardens trees are covered with blossom, birds call their territory and lay their eggs, bees are buzzing and orange tip butterflies are flirting.  But one tree has decided to rest this year: no blossom (well, just a handful to show it can) and a fallow year. Last year it was laden with apples, and no doubt will be again, but this year it chooses to be different. Explore flourishing and fallowing here on the land.


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