Total Yoga Nidra (creative nidra drawing on multiple schools / styles of nidra)

Bilingual English/Russian Welcome Nidra

This 28 minute practice is a warm welcome nidra, recorded live in Moscow, with thirty two Russian yoginis present. The beautiful translation of English is provided by Natalia Pylaeva, whose skilful interpreting has been a feature of the Moscow women's yoga courses since 2011. The studio is in the heart of Moscow, above an esoteric bookstore, and there are a few little people settling at the beginning of it, and sime inner city sounds in the soundscape. but the peace that settles amongst the yoginis is palpable and very sweet. Enjoy! And a big Thank You to Natalia for your voice!


24min Yoga Nidra using nyasa, the placement of mantra (OM NAMAH SHIVAYA) around the body in the rotation, and honouring the Light of Consciousness within. Recorded at the Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre on the first weekend of the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training October 2014.

Inside Sunshine Yoga Nidra (shining the light of consciousness within)

This is a gentle and awakening 16 minute practice to invite the inner light of consciousness to shine. It has been so much enjoyed on our Online Yoga Nidra Foundation courses recently that I felt it was a good idea to share it here with everyone. I often use a practice such as this first thing in the mornings, and then the light which shines is the dawn light, brining the energy of the new day into the body.


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