5 Elements

Journey through the Chakra's

This is a live recording of a 29 minute nidra delivered during my yoga class. The intention is to take you on a journey through the chakra's. Connecting with every chakra and recharging energy during a special rotation of consciousness spreading colors through different parts of the body. 

My partner is playing sansula at the start of this nidra.

Enjoy! <3

A yoga nidra to offer self-compassion

This 23 minute was shared in a Women's Circle, with the intention to welcome a space to offer ourselves self-compassion. The settling process begins with an invitation to visualize yourself at a lake under a moonlit sky, a Himalayan rotation follows with the invitation of offering compassion to each part of the body, and opposites exploring the feeling of taking really good care of ourselves and disregarding our needs are suggested. The whole of the nidra is accompanied by the sansula.

5 Elements woven: Tree

1: Fire and earth come together at the World Tree. 28mins.

Part of a collection of 5 yoga nidras, recorded live from a retreat day in Malvern. The 5 nidras weave the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space into an embodied meditative mandala.

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