TYN Recording

This is a 15 min Nidra, it was the one I recorded on the TYN teaching course. It can be enjoyed by beginners of the practice as well as more experienced yoga Nidra practitioners. There is a visualisations section in there but I have tried to pull in all the senses so that the practice is available to a wider audience. I hope you enjoy the practice.

Embracing Kali Nidra

This 23min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our Women's Yoga weekly class at The Life Centre, Islington, London on Samhain (Halloween) 31 October 2017. It is inspired by the energy of the Goddess Kali. The name Kali coming from the root sanskrit word Kal meaning time, this Nidra is about coming home to the present moment, the now. The rotation honours the deep feminine in every part of the body, and there is the welcoming of the void (a space which Kali's sky-clad dark form can be said to represent) and seeing what arises.


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