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Welcoming Feeling Wondering

This is a standout Nidra recording for several reasons. I chose to highlight 3 major tools of Nidra making it very accessible while also asking the deeper questions Nidra can illuminate. It very much shows synthesis and development in my presentation of the Nidra practice. This is Total Yoga Nidra to the core and draws from all of my usual inspirations: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non-dual Shiva Tantra, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Richard Miller, Contact Improvisation, and Mother Earth Herself.

Rainy Nidra - Polish

Title: Rainy yoga nidra in Polish / Deszczowa joga nidra po polsku 

Description: This 15 min yoga nidra has been recorded in Kaszuby on a very rainy afternoon (whilst sitting outdoors under a rather basic shelter). It was inspired by feelings of gratitude for this time in such a beautiful part of Poland. 

Ta piętnastominutowa joga nidra została nagrana na Kaszubach, pod blaszanym dachem, w który nieustannie uderzały krople deszczu. Wdzięczność za czas w tym niezwykle pięknym miejscu była jej inspiracją.


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