Nurturing and Welcoming

This was delivered to a small in person class - the first for almost two years. Everyone was feeling very tender and unsure and yet very pleased to see each other and have the opportunity to experience a live yoga nidra.  The title says it all really.

Mélodie du coeur (FRENCH) - 33 min

[FR] Un Yoga Nidra qui se concentre sur le coeur, la mélodie qui y existe et une rotation de la conscience par le son qui pénètre chaque partie du corps.

Pratique enregistrée à Montreuil. Je travaille actuellement à la traduction du programme Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation et cette nouvelle version de la formation en Français sera accessible à l'automne 2016.

[ENG] A Yoga Nidra focused on the sound penetrating the body and on the melody existing in our heart.

Yoga Nidra recorded at home in Montreuil


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