Rest in Aliveness

Revive and refresh with this twenty-six minute nidra.  In this world of speed, take some precious time to stop and and sink into yourself.  Belong to the stillness of the earth.  Open up to the fluid vibrancy of life moving through you.   Rest in your expansive aliveness.  

Rest and Recovery

This yoga nidra was created for the exhibition Circuit Training - a Retrospective in Becoming. Konsthall C 15 Years 2004-2019 in Stockholm ( under the theme of Rest and Recovery. Konsthall C chose this theme due to a series of burnouts among art workers in Sweden and the nidra is created with that context in mind intending to provide rest and recovery.

January Renewal Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra is taking from the first Thursday class of term at Finchley Yoga.  When we sat in circle there was a strong Winter feeling to the room so rather than look at Intentions for the new year this yoga nidra practices focusses on renewal and feeling truly replenished.  Take a listen if you would like to feel refreshed and rested.  I teach Yoga Nidra in many of my weekly classes and have Yoga Nidra practices available to download from my website

21 Minute Rejuvenation

Only 21 minutes long. Great for  quick but thorough body rejuvenation and mental clearing. Based on the IAM method (Integrative Amrit Method) of Yoga Nidra, this yoga nidra is energy-based and drops you via prana from thinking mind to the state of being. Techniques include counted breath and 61 point body rotation to free trapped energies and optimize the flow and release of healing energy in the body.

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