New Intentions for 2021, Yoga Nidra with Myriam Bartu

A yoga nidra practice inviting you to connect to your heart's desire for 2021 and set an intention to strengthen something in yourself or nurture a more accepting and relaxed attitude to a part of yourself or your life. This is a live recording of a nidra recorded for a couple on the evening of January 6th in Hong Kong. The nidra ends with the poem "Clearing" by Martha Postlewaite.

Quiet, Peaceful, Calm

This is a short, 19-minute Yoga Nidra, to encourage you to relax into this moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. Simply allowing yourself to move deeper into stillness.

The sequence is accessible to all, especially if new to Yoga Nidra, as there is no descriptive visualization on this particular track, just the comfort of following the body scan and awareness of your life force, or prana

It’s also useful for when there isn't time for a longer Yoga Nidra meditation, and can be used as a refreshing power nap.

Cesta začíná - Přání - Yoga nidra u vody - hezky Česky

35 min resourceful yoga nidra recording in Czech language

Výlet do Vašeho vnitřního světa a možná i dále, k prázdninám u vody kde se přání a vzkazy posílají zapečetěné v láhvy či vyplují na vědomí jako vlnky na pobřeží.

There is a first introduction (about 3.25min) then the actual yoga nidra that starts at 3.26min and has a classical structure.

It is called "The road begins" (the road starts).

Exploring Sankalpa

Have you ever wondered about your sankalpa? With this 10 minute practice allow Ben to accompany you on a lovely exploration of yours, or even help you establish one of your own. A sankalpa can be considered as the highest wish or divine purpose.

If you're ever in London and would like to experience more of Ben's nidras, then why not join him and his guests for a new weekly yoga nidra class?

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