Riding the Wave of Sleep

A 23 minute sleep nidra specially designed to guide you into sleep for the night.  Snuggle down and nestle up!  Enjoy welcoming each part of yourself back into wholeness and into rest. Ride the wave of the breath into a deep, nourishing night's sleep.  

Goodnight Yoga Nidra with Starry Night Rotation and Triangle Breathing.

A 28 minute yoga nidra to support you on your journey as you drift off to sleep or to help you rest deeply if you find yourself awake during the night or early morning. Koshi chimes are played as you settle into the practice and the sansula accompanies a starry night rotation. You are then guided through a quiet practice of triangle breathing. This practice is designed as a sleep practice and therefore does not awaken and ground you at the end, but invites you to drift off to sleep when you are ready you.



Yoga Nidra Luna Calma

Yoga Nidra de 20 mins, para dormirse. Inspirado por la luz de la luna que nos regala todas las noches para conciliar el sueño.

Yoga Nidra for Sleep in Spanish. Inspired by the calming light brought every night by the moon to us all.


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