Welcoming Winter Solstice

This live ~35 Nidra recording was inspired by the time in the yearly cycle just before the winter Solstice.  It was delivered on a dark cold night in a chilly room to 10 enthusiastic nidranaughts including both returning experienced students and a lady who knew nothing about the class and showed up 2 minutes before this practice started. Settling > Rotation > Opposites > Archetypal Evocations > Breath Awareness > Open Awareness > Feeling State Evocations > Externalization.

Summer Solstice Nidra with Space for Sankalpa

Delivered at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm, West Leigh, Mid Devon for a sankalpa workshop at midsummer. We’d discussed ideas of being full and at the peak, like the sun, or not. And the turning to the second half of the year, the alternation of fullness and giving endlessly, like the sun, and of turning inwards and resting in the winter. Before starting, a conundrum – a puzzle you are turning over and over in your head like a rubik cube – may suggest itself. Hold it lightly to present to your heart space in the nidra.

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