Bedtime Nidra Floating in Space

In this 16 minute nidra that was recorded in a studio with professional equipment (so good quality sound and no background noise or snoring yogi's ;-) you will be floating in space guided by dreamy sansula sounds.. there is no waking up at the end of this nidra so you can drift off in your dreamworld until the alarm will wake you up the next morning.. 

This nidra was recorded in studio 't Lab in Arnhem with the help of Peter Plijnaer.. 

Created with love, hope you will enjoy this one! ❤

Yoga Nidra_ There's Still Space

21 min Yoga Nidra

A short practice designed to guide you to feel the abundance of space in-and-out yourself. 

A quick reconnection with the deep and smooth presence of yourself when, in the middle of the day,  you may feel "it's too much".

Hope you enjoy!



21 min Yoga Nidra

Una pratica per guidarti a riconoscere l'abbondanza di spazio dentro e fuori di te.

Per incontrare te stesso/a quando senti che "è troopo". Per riconnetterti con la tua profonda e più morbida presenza.

Spacious Emergence

This 36 minute recording includes a ~31 minute heart centered practice followed by an original poem and comes from the end of my favorite month of the year - May. As usual the practice draws from multiple lineages and inspirations. Notably I borrow some language from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and the rotation has elements derived from the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra exploring the body as space.

Settling >  Rotation (Body as Space) > Opposites (Full + Empty) > Archetypal Spot Evocations > Simply Being > Anchoring Ease > Externalization > Poem

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