A yoga nidra to offer self-compassion

This 23 minute was shared in a Women's Circle, with the intention to welcome a space to offer ourselves self-compassion. The settling process begins with an invitation to visualize yourself at a lake under a moonlit sky, a Himalayan rotation follows with the invitation of offering compassion to each part of the body, and opposites exploring the feeling of taking really good care of ourselves and disregarding our needs are suggested. The whole of the nidra is accompanied by the sansula.

A Sense of an Ending

This 15 minute yoga nidra was shared on the TYN Teacher and Facilitator course. It was created especially for the group to welcome a pause to reflect on our unfolding journey, and to explore a sense of an ending and the sense of a new beginning. 

L'espace, la joie et le repos

Cette courte Yoga Nidra de 12 min, repose, inclut un Sankalpa et intègre la dimension de l'infini et du défini.

L'espace qui prend la liberté et nous permet à toucher aux étoiles, avoir sa place et se ressourcer au travers de la joie et pourquoi pas de la danse.


La sensation au réveil sera douce et agréable.

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