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Yoga Nidra: Gentle Relaxation (10:50)

This is a quick, safe, simple, effective practice for gentle relaxation and anytime reset. Preparation  >  Bodyscan  >  Externalisation. Safe for beginners, kids, and those with special needs. If you are a beginner; if you are experienced but short on time; if you are stressed; if you want to slip into relaxation effortlessly; if you want to get back into practice; if you want to build up to longer and deeper nidras, this is for you. You can even do this one sitting up!

Midwinter Yoga Nidra

This spacious 25 minute nidra was recorded live at our Midwinter relaxation and meditation evening. It includes an invitation to retreat within to our own warm, cosy hearth inside, and to consider the end of the exhalation as being like the winter time of the breath.

5 Elements woven: Tree

1: Fire and earth come together at the World Tree. 28mins.

Part of a collection of 5 yoga nidras, recorded live from a retreat day in Malvern. The 5 nidras weave the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space into an embodied meditative mandala.


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