Spoken word

Heart Centered Yoga Nidra for feeling safe and grounded

This heart centred grouding nidra was recorded in Hong Kong in February 2020 as a response to the fear anxiety surrounding the corona virus outbreak. An adaptation of Louise Hay's affirmation for transforming anxiety "I am at peace with the journey of life. I am safe" is suggested. The nidra ends with sending love out to Hong Kong, China, the world and oneself. Tibetan singing bowls are played softly in the background and birds are heard singing.  

Yoga Nidra Descanso Profundo

Yoga Nidra de 40 minutos para un descanso profundo y reparador. Grabado en vivo con un grupo maravilloso de 20 personas, el Yoga Nidra finaliza con un poema de Rumi que invita a la reflexión y el silencio. 

This Yoga Nidra was recorded live. It's 40 minutes and deeply nourishing and it ends with a poem by Rumi inviting inner reflection and silence. 


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