Spoken word

Joy of Awareness 10/11/2018

This 30 minute live heart centered Nidra recording begins with a nice NLP influenced settling process and an adapted Richard Miller style body sensing practice. It then moves through Satyananda influenced multi-sensory spot evocations into awareness of breath. This practice includes spacious amounts of silence throughout The externalization process includes a strong rousing and experientially walks through the tantrik model of the “Nested Layers of Awareness” as explained in Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis.

Autumn Equinox

This Nidra was created in September 2018 in a yoga class where we were working with our fire energy at the Autumn Equinox and this is reflected in the John O’Donohue poem on about fire. 

Breast and Yoni love short practice

I taught this yoga nidra practice in a class attended by women at my Finchley Yoga studio.  At the start of the recording the women have already settled into a really comfortable lying position - some with blankets and bolsters. In this practice yoni refers to the vagina, vulva, cervix, womb - our “lady landscape” I hope you enjoy a little bit of breast love and if you would like to come to a class in my north london studio I teach yoga nidra at the end of my group classes and I teach individual bespoke practices.


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