I Am Pine: a yoga nidra for finding your way

This is one of my Wisdom of the Trees series nidras. This nidra is inspired by the evergreen pine. You are invited to imagine you are standing on the edge of a pine forest, ancient pines filling the sky before you, branches outstretched like arms welcoming you, inviting you in. Slender trunks swaying in the […]

Autumnal Release

For me, one of the most treasured and powerful forms of the Yoga Nidra practice is that of full release. It is not always the most ecological in terms of our life because the contentment and perspective that can arise when we are able to fully let go and allow can transform many things. This […]

Wild Dusk Nidra with River Sounds for Sweet Sleep

17min Wild Nidra for falling asleep to, recorded by the Rio Brugent (the Babbling River) in Catalunya as the sun was setting. With starry night rotation on marma points and a gentle journey down the dream river. Some queues are based on the female anatomy.

Yoga Nidra in Nature

This yoganidra was recorded in the peaceful Welsh countryside of the Usk valley.