Aloe Vera

Compassionately soothing the skin burns of race-based stress injuries. This track is a part of At Home in My Skin (2022), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Full album here:

Interconnected Web of Life Nidra

A healing journey to remember our universal design in the Web of Life, a time for remembrance and in the spirit of our collective liberation. Rest is renewal in the struggle for liberation.

The Story of Bhusunda

The inspiration for this Nidra comes from the teachings of the Yoga-Vasistha and the story of Bhusunda. Bhusunda is an enlightened, peaceful, person, born of goddesses, manifest as a crow, on a wish-fulfilling tree on Mount Meru (another name for sushumna) which peaks in the heavens. This nidra follows the practise of contemplation of the life-force (prana), […]

Yoga Nidra for Balaka

Balaka is a Lunar Nitya and and aspect of Kali.  She comes to visit us 12 nights after the Full Moon.  She is the Goddess of Self-Indulgence. Music on this Yoga Nidra is provided by Kevin MacLeod. If you want to know more about Bakaja you can watch this video explaining her symbols. If you want […]

Queer Nidra to Transcend Polarities

This 30 minute practice was created by Olga Chwa and delivered on the night of the 2020 US Presidential elections. This practice pairs radical welcoming with an awareness of opposites that invites the transcendence of polarities and denounces duality. This recording was made live in an online drop-in reset space for queer and trans bodies […]

Listen In

Settling into a receptive space for deep inner listening. This track is a part of Taking Back the Night (2020), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for survivors of sexual violence. Full album here:

Open yet Contained, Expansive yet Protected – Nidra DreamSong

Lalla Songs EP | Nidra DreamSong

“I am not alone” – This 34 minute Nidra, with two improvised songs of the moment, brings about a balance and wholeness dropping into an expansion and openness of the heart but a solidifying of boundaries and protection. Lyrics of one of the worlds best Nidra DreamSong.

15 Minute Nidra – meeting with a child of your mind

This is my 15 minute Nidra based on a visualisation journey to meet a child of our mind. It was my TYN course assessment Nidra that I gave in the shrine room of a Tibetan Buddhist centre in South London to a room of 40 ppl – my largest Nidra yet – a blessing to […]

Nidra on Feeling free by Myriam Bartu

Live recording of a nidra on feeling whole and complete and free life a bird, free of stress, tension and guilt. The affirmation “I am whole and complete” is suggested. 

Restorative Pranic Nidra

This yoga nidra is recorded at the end of a restorative practice with a focus on leaning into our backside, finding support in the spine, the occiput and the sacrum. Sensing into the energy of life and the stability, support and strength in ourselves. This yoga nidra will invite you into this lifegiving energy inside […]

Welcome Nidra

This 27min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at Bhuti Yoga and Well-Being space in Richmond, London, July 2016. The theme is to be WELCOME.