Wild flower Nidra

This 15 minute practice was created in the closing circle of our Yoga Nidra training. It was created as a thanksgiving for the Teachers and practice. This Yoga Nidra was created to connect you with your own voice and way of sharing in the world and is ideal for Yoga Nidra teachers but also for […]

The Words That Come Before All Else

This Nidra was recorded during a Yoga Nidra for Creativity Immersion Weekend in California, USA 11/2/2019 with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli . It shares a style of Indigenous Yoga Nidra that holds space for sacred storytelling in the form of a lineage teaching often shared as a prayer/invocation for the Thanksgiving time/ fall harvest.

Autumnal Creativity Nidra

A 30 minute Yoga Nidra recorded during an online Libra New Moon Well Woman Yoga Circle with the co-created intention to ‘nest into Autumn Creativity’.

Joy of Awareness 10/11/2018

This 30 minute live heart centered Nidra recording begins with a nice NLP influenced settling process and an adapted Richard Miller style body sensing practice. It then moves through Satyananda influenced multi-sensory spot evocations into awareness of breath. This practice includes spacious amounts of silence throughout The externalization process includes a strong rousing and experientially […]

Colour with Theo Wildcroft

A journey into colour yoga nidra by Theo  Wildcroft accompanied with my singing bowls at Santosa Yoga & Bhakti camp . A very special collaboration. Duration: 27m

Flower Yoga Nidra

Recorded Live at the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training in Stroud 2016

New beginnings

A 32 minute yoga nidra guiding us to explore the possibility of welcoming in change.